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The belt filter (sometimes referred to as a belt press filter, or belt filter press) is associate degree industrial machine, used for solid/liquid separation processes, significantly the dewatering of sludges within the industry, mining and water treatment. Belt filter presses are utilized in the assembly of fruit juice, potable and trade. the method of filtration is primarily obtained by passing a try of filtering cloths and belts through a system of rollers. The system takes a sludge or suspension as a feed, and separates it into a filtrate and a solid cake.

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The belt filter is especially used for dewatering of sludge and suspension and juice extraction from apples, pears and different fruits, additionally as grapes for trade, etc. Belt filters are used each municipally and industrially during a vary of areas together with urban waste and waste matter treatment, science and mining, steel plants, coal plants, breweries, dyeing, tanneries, additionally as chemical and paper factories.
The applications of a belt filter are solely restricted to the sludges, suspension or mashed fruit that it will method. The sludges from municipal use embrace raw, anaerobically digestible and aerobically digested sludges, alum sludge, lime softening sludge and stream water silt. In business, any sludge or suspension is sourced from food process wastes, pulp and paper wastes, chemical sludges, pharmaceutical wastes, industrial waste process sludges, and organic compound wastes.[4] These wastes will embrace mixed sludge, mineral suspension, dirt sediment, selected coal laundry mud, biological sludge, primary sludge, and straw, wood or paper pulp.
Some dewatering objectives embrace reducing the degree to cut back the transport and storage prices, removing liquids before lowland disposal, reducing fuel needs before additional drying or combustion, manufacturing adequate material for composting, avoiding runoff and pooling once used for land applications, and optimizing different drying processes.[Belt filters are specifically designed for every of those explicit applications and feeds.
There are several physical separation processes the same as the belt filter press used for dewatering, together with centrifuges, vacuum-disc filters, and therefore the plate and frame filter press. when put next to different compression filters, belt filters use comparatively lower pressures. though centrifuges have lower wetness content, lower prices and less complicated operations in coal tails process, belt filters tend to form less noise and have a lot of faster startup and conclusion times.
Belt filters are thought of straightforward and reliable, with sensible handiness, low staffing, straightforward maintenance and a protracted life.The belt filter is most advantageous once put in specified it’s open and visible at floor level for easier adjustment and watching. this is often after all subject to what lighting and ventilation can enable.
The belt filter press is usually utilized in waste matter treatment, and therefore the odour of the feed sludge, volatile emissions and therefore the chemicals utilized in treatment, might become an issue.One management technique is to use odour-neutralizing chemicals like permanganate of potash. but this solely neutralizes odours and doesn’t have an effect on any gases or chemicals concerned. though all issues will be controlled by insertion the filter, the enclosure reduces essential visibility and straightforward access to the machine for maintenance and repairs, resulting in the costly automation of the method.
A belt filter press is additionally well-known for its high capability turnout,as it is meant to handle excess capability. it’s low initial prices and low energy running costs, however, if turnout is a smaller amount than four million gallons per day, the belt filter press could also be less value economical than liquid transport, hiring a process facility, or utilizing non-mechanical dewatering ways like drying beds or reed beds.
Belt filters are less effective at process some feeds. Unless the feed is well mixed from a sterilizer, the utilization of belt filters are additional expensive once process a feed with varied solids content as this needs more operator attention, raising staffing prices.Feeds with high grease and oil content will lower the solids share within the cake by fulgent the belt filter and every one feeds have to be screened to shield the belt from being broken by sharp objects. the kind of feed may have an effect on the laundry method. The belt filter must be washed oft that consumes great amount of water and time. Water and time wastage, additionally because the associated prices will be reduced by automating the laundry system and victimization effluents.